PAX East 2019

In March, I will be traveling to Boston for PAX East 2019. I am lucky enough to be on six panels this year ranging from moral panic to the nostaliga of video games. If you are going to be traveling East for PAX this year, here is where you will be able to find me:

Thursday, March 28th at 5:00 PM, The Psychology of the Final Fantasy Series (Albatross Theatre)Anyone that has played final fantasy understands that the plots are full of twists and turns. The complex characters, gut-wrenching narrative, and the personal struggle of the characters make it a game to relate to. This panel will focus on unpacking these concepts and why this series continues to draw so many people to playing it ‘s immersive experiences. Topics include mental health representation, theoretical concepts, and why we love this game…Continue reading »

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Pax West 2018

In a few short weeks, I will be joining some of my favorite people at PAX West in Seattle, WA. This time around, I will be participating in two different panels.

On Saturday, I will be part of the The Psychology of The Legend of Zelda Franchise panel alongside Drs. Anthony Bean, Stephen Daniel, and Sarah Hays.

Link is thrust into his destiny of having to defeat evil by collecting items and tools throughout Hyrule, proving himself a hero and eventually leading to a showdown with a villain. However, his journey is not just as simple as defeating evil and saving the princess. There are multiple and significant psychological concepts at play throughout different variations of this video game. This panel will Link the psychological concepts found in each game for discussion…Continue reading »

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Clash of Realities Keynote, 2015

In 2015, I was invited to take part in the Clash of Realities conference hosted by the Cologne Game Lab at the University of Cologne (see my previous post about the conference here). Unbeknownst to me (until recently), the second day of keynote lectures were recorded! I am pleased to be able to now share my keynote lecture: Online Gaming Spaces as Socially Compensatory and Rehabilitative Spaces. In this talk, I discuss the potential for online gaming spaces to be socially compensatory and rehabilitative spaces for socially vulnerable populations (e.g., shy, lonely, socially unskilled). This lecture draws on empirical research that indicates the ability for online video games to be harnessed as socially rehabilitative…Continue reading »

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Clash of Realities 2015

This week I attended (and spoke) at my first Clash of Realities conference and it was a wonderful experience! This conference was able to successfully achieve what a lot of conferences do not by bringing together various groups of scholars, educators, and professionals to share their areas of expertise.

When I originally decided to pursue a scientific career, my primary motivation was to develop and carry out research projects that would help clinicians to better carry out their professional tasks. Specifically, I wanted to uncover new information about online gaming and media effects that would better inform clinicians about these topics so they, in turn, could better inform their clients. Clash of Realities had a similar goal: to bring together game scholars, game educators, and game developers and designers so we could…Continue reading »

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Multi.Player 2 Review

I was fortunate enough to co-chair the multi.player 2 conference earlier this month at the University of Münster in Münster, Germany. This international conference focusing on the social aspects of digital gaming featured several prominent keynotes as well as various talks and panels from digital games scholars from across the globe (you can see the full program here)

For me, the keynotes of the conference were the real highlights. In particular, I enjoyed the talk by Chris Ferguson (Stetson University) who discussed…Continue reading »

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ICA 2014 Review

ICA 2014: “Communication and the Good Life” was a fantastic conference. Without question, the research presented this year was some of the best I have seen.

My ICA experience started with the games pre-conference “Behind the Pixels”. This day-long pre-conference focused on all things games and was packed with great talks on a range of topics, such as game-based learning and game addiction. The talk on video game addiction by Michelle Carras and colleagues from John Hopkins University stood out to me as particularly promising. They proposed taking a new perspective on video game addiction in terms of its similarities to substance, rather than behavioral, addictions. Fascinating…Continue reading »

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ICA 2014

This year’s annual meeting of the International Communication Association will be taking place in Seattle at the end of May. I am excited to announce that this year I will be presenting two research articles, one at the Game Studies pre-conference and one in the Game Studies’ SIG of the main conference. I will also be co-presenting an additional article in the Game Studies’ SIG that I co-authored with Emese Domahidi. All of these projects focus on the social and psychological causes and consequences of online video game involvement. The abstracts of these projects/presentations are outlined…Continue reading »

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ICA Election Results

The votes are in! I am excited to report that my election for Secretary of Game Studies Special Interest Group (SIG) within the International Communication Association (ICA) has been successful! My term will start at the close of the Annual Conference in Seattle. I feel very privileged to be given the opportunity to hold a more active role within the Game Studies SIG and hope to serve the community well.

For those…Continue reading »

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ICAP 2014

Researchers have long noted concern over the potential consequences of utilizing the Internet for social purposes. Online games are of particular…Continue reading »

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DiGRA 2013 Review

DiGRA 2013 was a fantastic conference! I always enjoy attending the annual meeting of DiGRA as it never fails to give me some new perspectives on my own work. This year, Ashley O’Toole-Brown and I hosted a methods panel that brought together game scholars from different disciplines to discuss different methodological pitfalls and successes that they have experienced and that are commonly found in the game studies community. The panel managed to…Continue reading »

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ICA 2013 Review

The annual conference put on by the ICA (International Communication Association) this year was fantastic! If you were not able to attend, I highly recommend that you try to make it out next year (it will be in Seattle, WA, USA). Not only did I get the chance to catch up with some familiar faces, I was also able to meet a lot of new researchers!…Continue reading »

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DiGRA 2013

Much like the graphics of the games we study, the field of game studies has developed rapidly over the past twenty years. From humble beginnings as a disparate group of interdisciplinary scholars, to courses, degree programs, and departments focusing exclusively on Games Studies, the field has grown incrementally.…Continue reading »

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ICA 2013

I will be presenting two papers at this year’s ICA conference in London. The first, “Seeking Social Comfort: The Social and Emotional Motivations Underlying Online Video Game Involvement” will be presented at the ICA preconference for the Game Studies SIG entitled…Continue reading »

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