Ludodemia and Other DiGRA Student Resources

For those who are not familiar with DiGRA Students, we are an international community of students and early career researchers studying digital games. I, and my co-founder Ashley O’Toole-Brown, developed this community with the hopes that it would become a valuable resource for developments in the field, professional networking, and disseminating research. Together we have achieved many milestones in the last two years, including the establishment of an active Facebook…Continue reading »

DiGRA 2013 Review

DiGRA 2013 was a fantastic conference! I always enjoy attending the annual meeting of DiGRA as it never fails to give me some new perspectives on my own work. This year, Ashley O’Toole-Brown and I hosted a methods panel that brought together game scholars from different disciplines to discuss different methodological pitfalls and successes that they have experienced and that are commonly found in the game studies community. The panel managed to…Continue reading »

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Introducing the New DiGRA Students Website

I, alongside my co-chair Ashley Brown, am happy to announce the launch of the new DiGRA students website. This website was established in the hopes of fostering an international community of researchers studying digital games. We hope that this website will soon…Continue reading »

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DiGRA 2013

Much like the graphics of the games we study, the field of game studies has developed rapidly over the past twenty years. From humble beginnings as a disparate group of interdisciplinary scholars, to courses, degree programs, and departments focusing exclusively on Games Studies, the field has grown incrementally.…Continue reading »

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