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Psychgeist of Pop Culture: Black Mirror

Sarah Hays, PsyD

Technological advancement outpaces our expectations and wildest dreams – but at what cost? The Psychgeist of Pop Culture: Black Mirror considers the consequences of technology through an anthology series, interactive narrative game, and more. This series of edited essays dives into the psychological basis for why Black Mirror often leaves us uncomfortable – how, for better or worse, technology changes us. The topics in this book address the boundaries of (virtual) reality, how relationships shift, and how our very core values can change based on the evolution of technology.

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Sarah A. Hays, PsyD is a doctor of counseling psychology and licensed mental health counselor in Washington State. Dr. Hays is an outpatient therapist for the game-based mental health nonprofit Game to Grow, specializing in working with games industry, ADHD, and LGBTQIA+ populations. She also serves as the Director of Programming for Queer Women of Esports and is an advisor for the Games Hotline.