Speaking & Events

I have spoken to thousands of people across the globe about my work on the uses and effects of digital games, including the United States Congress, United Nations, and Department of Homeland Security. You can view some of these past events below.

Keynote Lectures

The Future of Video Games (2023)

Games and Extremism (2023)

UC Irvine Informatics Speaker Series

Moderating the Metaverse (2023)

Irene Casteel Endowed Speaker Series

Toxic Schmoxic? Societal repercussions for the normalization of hate in gaming spaces, Meaningful Play (2022)

A (brief) history of game studies, IGGI (2022)

How the industry can change the “games are bad” narrative, GDC (2021)

Digital Games in the “after times”, National Communication Association, (2020)

Breaking out of the Ivory Tower, GEMH Lab (2022)

Exploring the viability of online video games as socially compensatory and rehabilitative spaces, Clash of Realities (2014)

Panels & Events

Dangerous game? China forces out Fortnite amid tighter gaming controls, France 24

ESA webinar about keeping online play safe for everyone, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children + Electronic Software Association

Psychology in Final Fantasy 7: Trauma & Recovery, PAX East 2022

Parasocial Relationships & Streaming, Twitch

Welcome Home: The power of playful communities, PAX Online, 2020

Gaming and Mental Health, Thoughtworks

It’s okay to not be okay, Todd Talks

Can esports teach life lessons, Positive Coaching Alliance + Cloud 9

The Psychology of Zelda, SXSW 2019

The Video Game Debate, PAX South 2019

Remaking or Reinventing Games? The science behind nostalgia. PAX East, 2019


The Metaverse and Mental Health, Newsy

Psychology, D&D, & Henry Cavill while playing Mario Party

Industry Perspectives: Dr. Rachel Kowert of Take This on the Benefits of Gaming

How video games can help (not hurt) mental health, Newsy

Dark patterns in video games, Busch League Gaming

Online Gaming Research with Dr. Rachel Kowert, The White Hatter

Video Games and York Kids, New This Morning

Gaming Impact on Mental Health, Bitcast 167

Do video games make us antisocial? Mindset by Dave

Toxicity in Video Games, SPARTIE Chat

Video games, aggression, and violence, Ritual Motion

Video games and mental health, The academy of esports

The psychology of Games, Geekoscopy

An interview with Dr. Rachel Kowert, Academy of esports

Games and parenting, Mental Mile Podcast