I have been studying the uses and effects of digital games for more than ten years, with a focus on the physical, social, and psychological effects of digital game play. Learn more about my areas of expertise below.

Extremism and Radicalization in Digital Games

Games are venues where extremist radicalization and recruitment occurs. My work in this area is focused specifically on the cultural elements of gaming spaces that may be leveraged as digital assets of influence.   

Mental Health and Digital Games

The impact of digital games on mental health has been found to be both positive and negative. Learn more about my work in this area which has specifically focused on the impact of mediated communication and social communities in digital gaming spaces.

Hate, Harassment, and Dark Participation

Toxic gamer culture is a term that has been associated with digital gaming spaces for a significant amount of time. Learn more about my work in the field of hate, harassment, and dark participation, within online gaming spaces.

General Uses and Effects of Digital Games

Not all research can fit neatly into a box. Learn more about my other work in the gaming spaces, including  my work on parental advocacy, games and learning, and dark patterns.

The Metaverse

There remains more questions than answers when it comes to future technologies, particularly within discussions about the so-called “metaverse”. My work in this space has largely been advocacy work around mental health and trust and safety in these spaces of the future.