The Video Game Debate 2

Revisiting the Physical, Social, and Psychological Effects of Video Games

This student-friendly book provides an accessible overview of the primary debates about the effects of video games. It expands on the original The Video Game Debate to address the new technologies that have emerged within the field of game studies over the last few years.

This book offers students and scholars of games studies and digital media, as well as policymakers, the essential information they need to participate in the debate.

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Debates about the negative effects of video game play have been evident since their introduction in the 1970s, but the advent of online and mobile gaming has revived these concerns, reinvigorating old debates and generating brand new ones. The Video Game Debate 2 draws from the latest research findings from the top scholars of digital games research to address these concerns. The book explores key developments such as virtual and augmented reality, the use of micro-transactions, the integration of loot boxes, and the growth of mobile gaming and games for change (serious games). Furthermore, several new chapters explore contemporary debates around e-sports, gamification, sex and gender discrimination in games, and the use of games in therapy.

“The business and culture surrounding video games have not stopped evolving, and neither has researchers’ understanding of the new issues and debates that come with those changes. The experts in this book lay all them out in clear, well-supported summaries that leave the reader deeply informed.”

Jamie Madigan, Author of The Engagement Game: Why Your Workplace Culture Should Look More Like a Video Game